Tages Charity

Tages Charity was established in 2014 by a team of professionals from various fields and with diverse skills, specifically in the areas of healthcare, psychology, social intervention, education, organization consulting.

Sprout.We seek to develop, apply and share an action-research approach, in order to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities.

The Tages Charity is driven by the healthy power of knowledge to solve today’s problems and in promoting well-being. It fights in favor of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, essential to protect and promote the quality of life of individuals, considered in their entirety.

Five independent authorities have been constituted in order to guarantee a scientific methodology, the effectiveness and the charitable goals:

  1. Executive Committee: serves the function of governance and coordination of all the projects. It also defines and revises the charity’s strategy. They are elected inside the charity and work for free.
  2. Scientific Committee: evaluates and revises all the projects. It may suggest new theoretical or methodological frameworks as goldstandards in charity’s practices. They are not members of the charity and work for free.
  3. Board of Auditors: three elected members monitor the observance of the choices and of the regulation of the charity. They work for free.
  4. Board of Arbitrators: three independent auditors who are not members of the charity function as administrative and financial control of all the activities.
  5. Roll of Benefactors: includes individual philantropists and organizations that contribute with their economic support to the achievement of the charity’s goals. They are not eligible members of the charity.

The charity takes the name from Tages. Tages was a key figure of Etruscan mythology. It is said that he descended from the earth and the sky. He looked as a young boy gifted with the wisdom of an old man. He used to offer knowledge and divination, both represented by the Etruscan symbol of eye. The very logo of our charity.

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